open your mind

do everything with good intentions


i have hit rock bottom and its only tuesday

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fuck shit

How you can control my mood really gets to me. Can I please control my own happiness ? Thx emotions.


I’m so fucking weird
It’s like:
I’m the nicest rude person you’ll ever meet.
I don’t give a fuck about anything but at the same time, I care about a lot.
I hate people but I want to be everyone’s friend.
I hate myself but I’m completely fabulous.
I need help.

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Pros and cons of boys:

  • Con: They’re dicks
  • Pro: Their dicks

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pass the blunt to your followers

“My eyes are the color of whiskey and yours look like the sun rising on a Sunday morning”

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The cutest thing about you is how cute you are all the time. 

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